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​Contact Dara

                                                                       Name:  Dara Goldberg
                                                                       Address:  4845 Rugby Ave #201                                                                                                                                             Bethesda MD, 20814
                                                                       Telephone:  301-908-2643
                                                                       E-mail:  daragoldbergtherapy@gmail.com


                               Office hours are by appointment only. The office is currently open on weekdays
                         with evening hours. Please call or e-mail to schedule and appointment. I will check
                         my phone messages during normal business hours.

​Dara Goldberg, LCSW-C
  4845 Rugby Ave #201
Bethesda MD, 20814
  301-908-2643 dgoldberg20@gmail.com

Dara Goldberg, MSW, LCSW-C
Licensed Clinical Social Worker